Successful networking can make a significant difference in finding a good job or when doing business in general. This is the reason why Fondsfrauen organized a Digital Lunch Talk on April 27th 2023, about this subject.

Panel guests were:

  • Carolin Preuß, Portfoliomanagement, HanseMerkur Trust AG
  • Christiane Menges, IT Chapter Lead Regulatory Reporting bei ING Deutschland
  • Manuela Reiter, Head of HR , Amundi
  • Angela Dudler, Talent Acquisitions Specialist, ThomasLloyd Group

The talk was moderated by Manuela M. Froehlich, Co-Founder of Fondsfrauen.

“There are plenty of misconceptions about networking. You don’t have to be „loud“ or extremely outgoing to build the right network”, Manuela started the discussion.

In the talk, she wanted to find out what the basic rules for networking are, what the most important benefits are, and what women are missing out if they ignore this powerful tool. It was also discussed how one can cultivate networking, even in hectic times.

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Find your own way for optimizing your networking!
The panelists talked very openly about their own networking experiences and the tricks they are applying to motivate themselves to do networking. It came out, that it does not necessarily have to be the large industry events, which are often considered “networking events”, that are most suitable for professional networking. It can also be courses that one is taking and where a deeper contact to peers is possible, or just the good old lunch meeting, whenever you are travelling to an event.

In a wrap, there are three takeaways:

  • Be authentic, don’t oversell, and find your personal way to network!
  • Think about how you can provide help to others! It has to be giving and taking!
  • Do not underestimate the internal network of your company! But respect the hierarchies!

It was also said that women can learn a lot from male networking. If you want to do it like men, then rise, shine and lift each other!

Profilbild von Anke Dembowski

Anke Dembowski

Anke Dembowski ist Finanzjournalistin und Autorin verschiedener Investmentfonds- und anderer Finanzbücher. Sie ist außerdem Mit-Gründerin des Netzwerks „Fondsfrauen".