Making an impact is something many people aim to achieve with what they do. But how can this impact be measured? This question is increasingly being addressed by companies.

Fondsfrauen, the largest women's network in the German-speaking financial sector, has taken on this task and presented its first impact report this year. It clearly outlines the specific impacts achieved in various activity areas of the network.

Getting Women Together
Fondsfrauen currently connect over 4,000 women with each other to motivate each other in their career aspirations. 60 companies from the industry support the network, thereby also strengthening their own diversity efforts. To this end, the Fondsfrauen have organized the first Benchmark study on the topic of Gender Diversity. so that numbers are put on the table that make the progress of the efforts visible.

Education & Career Support
Through 25+ annual events on-site, a Fondsfrauen Summit (the first female empowerment conference in Germany), and monthly digital lunch talks, Fondsfrauen provides networking and education opportunities.

For example, in the calendar year 2023, Fondsfrauen organized more than 25 in-person events in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, attended by several hundred people. In addition, 10 digital events were held, dedicated to further education and exchange on professional and gender-specific topics.

In total, over 147 mentees were supported by Fondsfrauen experts and female leaders to actively accompany them in their next career steps. Additionally, 36 "young professionals" found exchange and support in the Buddy Program, introduced in 2022.

Making leading women visible
Within the framework of the Fondsfrauen Award 2023, the industry was encouraged to consider outstanding personalities and companies in the finance sector. In October, 16 financial experts and companies from 5 categories were honored and highlighted. Their merit: They have contributed to greater diversity in the financial industry by serving as role models, motivating women in the industry, or through their outstanding achievements.

Furthermore, Fondsfrauen collaborate with external conference organizers to increase the visibility of women on panels.

In their blog, over 9 years of existence, Fondsfrauen have published over 500 interviews and expert articles, accessed by a community of more than 4,000 participants. In 2023, there were more than 660,000 page views via social media channels, with the network having 7,200 followers on LinkedIn and 2,100 on Instagram and Facebook.

Studies on the current state of diversity in the industry
In their fourth annual study „Gender Diversity in Asset-Management Industry“which Fondsfrauen, in collaboration with KPMG Germany and the University of Mannheim, publish, once again determined the current state of the asset management industry. This allows the successes already achieved, as well as the still existing gaps in achieving gender diversity in the industry, to be quantified."

Full Speed Ahead
"We are extremely proud of what we have achieved in less than a decade with our professional network in the financial industry. We look forward to making these successes more transparent and visible in the future through an impact report," explains Manuela M. Fröhlich, one of the three co-founders of Fondsfrauen.

"It is not enough to want to do good and to act accordingly, but it is also important to regularly check if one is still on the right path and continuing to pursue one's goal," says Anke Dembowski, who is also part of the founding team.

"The successes achieved are commendable, and we have certainly set things in motion. But we are not yet where we want to be. Therefore, we will continue to work intensively to ensure that women can develop well and pursue their careers in the financial industry," says Anne Connelly, co-founder of Fondsfrauen.

You can download the report via the following links. For the complete report, please contact us at

Impact Report – Deutsch

Impact Report – Englisch

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Anke Dembowski

Anke Dembowski is a financial journalist and author of various investment fund-related and other financial books. She is also a co-founder of the "Fondsfrauen" network.

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