Financial Advisor

When you hear financial advice, you might immediately think of door-to-door agents pitching insurance policies to people and collecting excessive commissions? That was yesterday. A financial advisor or financial planner is a professional profession with great prospects for the future.

Today, the majority of these professions are still carried out by men. We want to change that and introduce you to the possibilities of this occupational field. Your advantage: You can work flexibly and help people master their financial future. Perfect for shaping your career with passion and commitment!

Do you want to...

... help people master their financial future?
You advise your clients on long-term asset accumulation and its protection. No product sales, but professional consultations in which you analyze the personal life situation and then work out solutions together with other experts.
... bring your career goals in line with your family and life planning?
Flexible working hours or part-time careers are possible and common today.
... well-paid job prospects with a long-term career?
As a consultant, you can earn an attractive salary that increases in line with your growing client base. There is also the possibility that you become self-employed.
... make a positive contribution to society with your profession?
Sustainable living is important to you, sure. Investing can also be sustainable and is increasingly becoming the standard in financial planning.
... contribute to female empowerment?
You can focus specifically on women as customers. Then you can help women to become and remain financially independent.
Ist die Finanzberatung für dich geeignet?

What exactly does a financial advisor/financial planner do?

Was genau macht eine Finanzberaterin/Finanzplanerin?

As a financial advisor or financial planner, you advise your customers on financial topics such as investments, retirement planning, insurance, real estate and financing. You are there for your customers in all financial and pension matters.

The focus is on the financial wishes and life situation of your customers. You first analyze the finances and compare the current financial situation with your customer's life plan. You then look for suitable solutions on the market and provide advice with professional knowledge and a great deal of empathy. You also discuss the respective advantages and disadvantages of the products with the customers.

As a financial advisor, you are the point of contact for all your customers' financial issues, whatever their situation in life. You can expand your offer according to your wishes and the needs of your customers and also offer coaching and seminars, for example.

As a financial advisor, a personal relationship with your clients is particularly important to you. Your recommendations always focus on the needs of your clients. With the so-called "best advice" principle, as an independent financial advisor you are only committed to the interests of your clients.

Depending on your education and license, you can recommend the appropriate products, from stocks to funds to insurance, to help your clients achieve financial independence.

The profession of financial advisor is particularly suitable if you have a passion for finances and enjoy direct dialog with people. You not only manage your clients' finances, but also take into account their life plans and the emotions behind them. You are, so to speak, the translator of your customer's life plan into financial goals and the corresponding products.

Women in financial consulting

Want to know what one or two jobs are like on a day-to-day basis? How successful women manage their family-
and life planning in harmony? Get to know some of these women!

Annika Peters

"What I like about my job is that it's very diverse."

Annika Peters

Dr. Eva Lemke

„Auch heute noch kann man sich gut als Beraterin selbständig machen!“

Dr. Eva Lemke

Barbara Rojahn

„Die Bürokratie und der Beratungsaufwand sind deutlich umfangreicher geworden“

Barbara Rojahn

Working group financial advisors

We would like to support female career starters or career changers to get a good foothold and find their place. Experienced, successful female financial advisors are committed to you in our working group:

Lisa Hassenzahl
Founder & CEO Her Family Office

Jennifer Brockerhoff
Fachberaterin für nachhaltiges Investment//Ecoanlageberaterin ,Brockerhoff Finanzberatung

Annika Peters
Finanzplanerin (CFP), Beraterin und Geschäftsführerin bei der FrauenFinanzBeratung Barbara Rojahn & Kolleginnen

Petra Ahrens
Vorständin / Gründerin Vorständin / Gründerin CAPA AG


What qualifications do I need to
to become a financial advisor?

Welche Qualifikationen benötige ich, um Finanzberaterin zu werden?

An apprenticeship as a bank clerk or insurance clerk is a good start for many. Additional training and qualifications, e.g. as a financial planner or estate planner, will strengthen your competence. A degree in business administration, economics or finance is not mandatory, but can be helpful depending on the area in which you would like to work.

In addition, product providers regularly offer information and training events, and you can attend congresses and expert meetings to stay up-to-date.

Your professional qualifications grow with experience, as does your customer base. It is important that you enjoy working with people and can empathically respond to their situation.

Angestellt oder lieber selbständig?

Employed or rather self-employed?

Financial advisors often work as agents or employees of providers of financial products such as banks, building societies, investment companies, insurance companies, financial consulting firms. Here you are usually bound to the product range of your employer.

As a freelance or independent consultant and financial planner, you are free to choose the services and products for your clients. Here, too, there are different solutions: You can work independently, join a liability umbrella or apply as an employee in an independent financial consulting firm.

What can you expect to earn?

As a financial advisor you can earn above average.
The facts:

  • As a financial advisor, you earn around 3,987 euros a month in Germany.
  • The salary of financial advisors in high positions is just under 7,128 euros.
  • Factors such as company location and size affect your salary.

Around 3.987 euros
per month


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