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Experienced, powerful, independent and well connected.
And having fun doing it.

Senior professionals have an enormous wealth of experience, a high level of knowledge and a well-established network. They are independent, credible and authentic, because they can say things that their younger colleagues, who are still stuck in the corset of the position, cannot say in this way.

They have a need to share among their peers to prepare for the time when they have vacated their job. They are looking for a meaningful career after their career with a smooth transition. The new career should be just as challenging, but no longer involve 24/7 involvement. In the Senior Professionals working group, we want to promote exchange and shed light on social and societal components.

That's why we want to build bridges between junior and senior women and inspire young women in the industry.

Are you interested in:

exchanging ideas with colleagues and open up new perspectives, with a fun factor?
showing how to manage time and resources?
building bridges between junior and senior women and taking on a rolemodel function?
avoiding the "what-am-I-doing-now" hole?
belonging to a pool of experts, e.g. for special tasks or projects?

Then the Senior Professionals working group is just right for you!

Ist das Asset-Management für Dich geeignet?

What distinguishes senior professionals? How can their skills be put to use?

Ist das Asset-Management für Dich geeignet?
  • They have gained many years of experience in the financial industry and have experienced many economic cycles.
  • They have seen management practices come and go, and used many of them themselves.
  • They have seen trends, used them and implemented them on the market. In the process, they have observed what works on the market and what does not.
  • They have seen what is disrupting operations or what may not be quite fair in our industry. They are independent enough to address and tackle it now.
  • They know that we can achieve a lot together and that ultimately everyone benefits from the exchange.

Therefore, it is consistent to network senior women. This way, they can inspire each other, as well as other women. They can talk about the perspectives that are available in this particular life situation and how they can best position themselves for the transition.

We want to help bring the accumulated knowledge, experience and valuable network of these women as HP to the streets of the financial industry. As independent consultants, coaches, interim managers, supervisory board members and much more, they can contribute their knowledge and experience.

We also know that it is good for the senior women themselves and helps them move forward if they are actively involved and challenged and can continue to maintain their network. No longer 24/7, but in targeted use, with a sense of responsibility, routine and heart and soul. The motto here is: We don't have to, but we can and want to. This ensures a good result.

Diversity enriches - women, men, young, old, different cultural and educational backgrounds. It all adds up to the big picture, and we want to help shape that.

Senior women in the financial sector

Want to know how senior women view the financial industry or what their day jobs are like?
Get to know some of these women!

Evi Vogl

Ciao Evi Vogl,
see you soon!

Evi Vogl
former CEO Amundi Germany

Charlotte Bänninger

My motto is: "Work hard,
work smart, and deliver!“

Charlotte Bänninger
Global Head Fixed Income, UBS Global Asset Management

Katherine Starks

"Diversity and equal opportunities
are a matter of the heart for me"

Katherine Starks
ehemalig Head of Asset Servicing, BNY Mellon

Steering Committee Senior Professionals

We want to ensure that senior women in the financial sector can contribute and make good use of their experience and contacts. That is why we have set up the "Steering Committee Senior Professionals".

Members of this committee are:

Charlotte Bänninger

Anke Dembowski

Anja Hochberg

Michaela Krahwinkel

Veronika Lammer

Ursula Radecke Pietsch

Barbara Rojahn

Katherine Starks

Corinna Valentine

Evi Vogl

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