Lara Raulf is a business psychologist, business coach (retired), mum of two and a passionate HR developer at DONNER & REUSCHEL Aktiengesellschaft in Hamburg. As a source of inspiration, Lara regularly writes for Fondsfrauen about current and future-oriented topics in the field of learning and development. The focus here is on modern leadership, appreciation in everyday working life, empowerment and transformation. This time, Lara reflects on the topic of "courage" at the end of the year.

"When we are old and our days are short - and that will happen anyway - only then will we realise that we never had anything to lose." Julia Engelmann, 2013.

The year 2023 is drawing to a close. As I write this post shortly before Christmas, I can hear the first New Year's Eve firecrackers popping in the distance. A year that had many happy, challenging and emotional moments for me personally. However, it was also a year in which we probably all realised that we will also have to face numerous challenges and turbulence in the future. It is important to accept these unexpected twists and turns as a rollercoaster ride, to look ahead effectively, courageously and optimistically and to find new solutions in uncertain terrain.

No progress without courage. Or also: Courage pays off.
Those who act with courage

  • Reflect honestly on individual values and strengths and stands by them
  • Trust in their abilities and the right gut feeling
  • Circle less around others, but realise own goals
  • Say "yes" to things that are outside their comfort zone
  • Strengthens their resources to remain manoeuvrable
  • Learn to say a clear "no" when necessary
  • Remain open within a defined framework
  • Replace the word "fail" with "learn"
  • Listen to their own speed
  • Make themselves vulnerable
  • Find themselves
  • Just do it!

While researching this article, I spoke to Marie Pötter. Marie inspired me because she became a managing director in a Fortune 500 company at the age of 28. Now that's what I call brave! At the same time, Marie ran a 70.3 triathlon in Barcelona for the first time this year, even though she was terrified of swimming in the sea. Can you imagine how happy and liberated she felt afterwards?

At the age of 28, I took on a completely different challenge. I became a mum for the first time and have spent the last 5 years raising two very courageous, curious children together with my husband. A move from a large corporation to a medium-sized company and a certification as a business coach have characterised my last few years professionally. In my private life, I took on my first triathlon this year. This courage carried me through the year with a lot of motivation and energy. However, the biggest challenge for me was to become more visible. LinkedIn has given me a lot of fun over the last few months, helped me build a strong, diverse network and crystallised my love of writing. So I can say: even with children, it is possible to make strong, confident decisions. Or is that precisely why?

Courage is individual, courage is infectious and courage liberates.
I wish all Fondsfrauen and their families a peaceful Christmas season and a courageous, fulfilling 2024 - with plenty of time to take a deep breath.

Ps: Marie has infected me with her euphoria, by the way. We'll be taking part in the Olympic distance of the Hamburg Triathlon together in mid-July 2024. Which of you will we meet in the Binnenalster? 😊

Thank you Marie for your spirit and your impulses for this post!

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Lara Raulf

Lara Raulf is a business psychologist, retired business coach, mum of two and a passionate HR developer at DONNER & REUSCHEL. As a source of inspiration, Lara now writes regularly about current and future-orientated topics in personnel and management development. The focus here is on modern leadership, appreciation in everyday working life, empowerment and transformation.

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