On May 25, the Digital Lunch Talk on Female Finance and Finfluencers took place. Moderated by the renowned financial investment advisor Lisa Hassenzahl, three women discussed with each other who are active in the field of female finance in different ways and who, among other things, inform women about financial topics on the internet.

  • Verena Hemig (Blackrock)
  • Dr. Gabriele Widmann (Deka)
  • Anne Connelly (her Money)

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The most important distinction between classic influencers and finfluencers is that the former tend to provide product-related information, while the latter usually focus on an educational approach.

The three panelists agreed that Female Finance is a sensible approach because women often take advice from women more easily. In this respect, Female Finance helps women to increase their knowledge of financial investments.

There was also discussion about the extent to which collaboration between female finfluencers and female financial investment advisors is possible, and that this can be beneficial for all. While women easily tend to over-inform themselves, female advisors then ensured that they also get into action and conclude sensible financial investments for themselves.

There was also agreement on the point that women do not need different products than men, but that the approach should be different. With good communication, it is possible that more women will want to take responsibility for their own finances and will be able to do so.

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