On 25 July 2023, another of our digital Lunch Talks took place, this time on the topic of "Personal Branding as a Career Booster".

Christina Richter, who has been helping people to become visible on issues that are important to them for 18 years, was available as an expert on this topic. In doing so, she has a special focus on women, who are often perceived less than equally good men, Richter observes. In May 2022, she founded her company, the Personal Branding Institute in Berlin.

In a keynote speech, Christina Richter told why and how personal branding can serve as a real career booster. She focused on 5 keywords for which she had conducted interviews with different women in her book "Visible Women".

The lunch talk was moderated by Fondsfrau Anke Dembowski, who passed Christina the keywords, which she then discussed in more detail:

  • Care. Take care of your personal brand, and what makes up your personal brand in the first place?
  • Connect. How do you build a good network?
  • Comment. How to connect with others?
  • Content: How do you build yourself into an opinion leader on a particular topic?
  • Continuity: Work continuously on your personal brand. You think that's work? After all, the word "networking" also contains the word "work".

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"If you comment on other people's comments for 5-10 minutes every day, that's 20 comments a month, which means 20 small visibilities," Christina Richter encourages the participants. She recommends sticking with the visibility programme for at least 6 months at first to also see real results, such as speaker or press enquiries. "Visibility is a key to professional success!" Christina emphasises.

The high number of participants and the good questions that were already received in advance and also in the chat during the Lunch Talk show that personal branding is a topic that professional women are very interested in.

And if you want to make a good contribution to your personal brand right now, it's best to nominate yourself right away for the Fondsfrauen-Award. This year, women and men from the financial sector will be made visible in several categories.

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Anke Dembowski

Anke Dembowski is a financial journalist and author of various investment fund-related and other financial books. She is also a co-founder of the "Fondsfrauen" network.

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