At the Fondsfrauen summer party in Munich on 15 September, around 50 women from the financial sector came together to talk animatedly and enjoy the networking opportunity in the pleasant ambience of the Kulinarium restaurant.


After the welcome by Fondsfrau Anne Connelly, Katja Lammert also welcomed the guests. She is Chief Administration Officer at MEAG, the youngest sponsoring member of the Fund Women. Lammert talked about what most of us missed during the Corona period (the contacts, the exchange), and what we will take away from the Corona period (the technical skills, flexible working from home). Now the companies have to think about how they can encourage their employees to come back to the office. At MEAG, they have already put some ideas into practice, e.g. modernising the offices and setting up new meeting rooms and places for people to meet.

During the Corona period, everyone certainly missed the personal exchange. All the more the fund women visibly enjoyed being able to meet in person again, and with excellent finger food and drinks!

We would like to thank the sponsor of the event, MEAG!

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