Our Digital Lunch Talk on July 29th, was all about young women in finance.

Three young, successful women discussed in an entertaining and likeable manner how they perceive the industry and how they deal with the big and small hurdles that come up from time to time in their everyday working lives.

Panelists were:

  • Sina Prem, who joined Credit Suisse in Zurich in May 2021 as an investment banking analyst (here you´ll find our interview with her)
  • Ina Sayer, Compliance & AML Manager at Service-KVG HansaInvest
  • Simin Heuser, freelancer, financial journalist and member of the Steering Committee of Fondsfrauen Young Talents

The talk was hosted by Fondsfrau Anke Dembowski.

Another challenge for women entering the workforce is that companies are looking for young applicants who already have a surprisingly broad range of professional experience. It was interesting to hear what ways the three panelists have found to master this balancing act.

All three have undergone very different training and internships to gain experience; and the areas in which they work could not be more different. But each has found her place in the financial industry and feels right at home there.

The audience was able to take away a good portion of motivation and many practical suggestions from the discussion.

Die Aufzeichnung des gesamten Lunch Talks können Fondsfrauen-Mitglieder hier sehen:

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Anke Dembowski

Anke Dembowski is a financial journalist and author of various investment fund-related and other financial books. She is also a co-founder of the "Fondsfrauen" network.

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