At the Fondsfrauen Summit 2023 you told us your courage stories! Today you can learn more about Corinna Valentine's personal courage story. Corinna is COO Germany at our sponsor Fidelity International as well as a long-standing advisory board member and member of the Steering Committee Senior Professionals at Fondsfrauen.

Corinnas Story:

"I had just had my second child when I was offered a job by Fidelity to take over a new area in our head office in Bermuda. Baby, abroad, new job... how was it all supposed to go? It would have been more comfortable to return to my old job. My motto has long been "you only live once", so we decided that my husband would take parental leave - he had already done that with the first child - this time indefinitely.

We packed the contents of our house into a container and moved to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with a nine-month-old baby (and 2.5-year-old sister). Was everything always easy? No! Has it made me more flexible and open to challenges? Yes!

Riding a Vespa to the office in rain and storms because each household is only allowed to keep one car - I can! Being careful with water consumption because you only collect drinking water through the roof in a cistern under the house - works! Three days of power outage after a hurricane - no problem! Pumping milk on the plane on a three-week business trip in Asia - also worked!

After five years we moved back to London, enriched by many impressions and experiences."

Corinna's advice:

"To be open to new challenges, even if the path does not seem the easiest. And to take courage from what others give you credit for."

Beautiful words, dear Corinna! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us.

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Julia Hackl

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